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Glue Laminated (Glulam) Deck Beams

Timber Technologies glue laminated beams for deck construction stand the test of time by resisting decay and deterioration caused by insects and mold. These glulam beams provide advantages such as strength to weight ratios, cutting and notching capabilities, and they are renewable; unlike steel.

These specially designed glulam deck beams are cost competitive against LVL's and Paralam, and are treated for maximum performance under exposed conditions. Our timber beams are ideal for decks to eliminate columns that can obstruct lower level view. Why use posts when you can clear span it?

Common Uses of Timber Tech Laminated Deck Beams

  • Glue Laminated Deck BeamsEliminating structural columns that can obscure views by spanning with Titan Timbers
  • Installing bridge girders that are resistant to sunlight, moisture, insects, and other elements of nature
  • Constructing boardwalks that will stand the test of time

Why Use Timber Tech Laminated Deck Beams?

  • Each column is straight and true, saving contractors time and money
  • Tool and machine-friendly, allowing quicker and easier cuts, screws, and notches
  • Product sizing and technical support available; can be engineered to building requirements
  • 50-year Limited Warranty
  • A true one-piece column, unlike nail lams that may have gaps between plies 
Deck Beam Advantages
Insect and Mold Resistant
Cost-competitive with LVL's and Paralam
Renewable Resource Construction, Unlike Steel
Provides Maximum Performance Under Exposed Conditions
Ideal for Decks, Trellises, Boardwalks, & Bridge Girders
Several Levels of Treatment Available
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