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Manufacturing Process

Planing Titan Timber in Preparation for GlueTitan Timbers are manufactured in a climate controlled environment. The process starts with the proper selection of lumber to be used in our product. The treated lumber that is used in the lower part of the column is Southern Yellow Pine #1 pressure treated to .60 CCA and Kiln Dried After Treatment (KDAT) to 15% or less. Having the proper moisture content is critical to good adhesive bonding in the glue line AND greatly reduces the tendency of the lumber to warp, shrink, twist and cup which it would normally do if left to dry while in use. This gives Titan Timbers dimensional stability that solid sawn timber and mechanically nailed columns don't have.

Each piece that makes up a Titan Timber is planed to open up the wood cells to accept the phenol resorcinol glue uniformly. This produces an even surface on each side of the lumber for a complete wood to wood bond. Finger jointing the lumber allows us to manufacture timbers up to 64' with continuous plys without butt joints.

The plys are then face glued and secured into presses where they will be squeezed under pressure to make up either columns or beams. After the appropriate drying time, the product will be removed from the presses and planed to remove the glue and make for a square timber with a true final dimension.

Shipping Titan Timbers to Your Jobsite


Glue Laminated Wood Products


Titan Timbers Titan Timbers
Save time and money with columns that are always straight and true. Titan Timbers are the true one-piece, renewable resource column.

Beams & Rafters Beams & Rafters
Timber Technologies beams & rafters resist checking and twisting because of the use of multiple plies of kiln dried lumber, bonded together with waterproof phenol-resorcinol glue.

Titan Truss Titan Truss
Perfect for entry ways, dormers, and open cabin roof systems, Titan truses offer the boldness of heavy glue lam cords and the elegance of flat black or grey gang plates.

Tall Wall Titan Tall Wall
The increased strength makes engineering tall wall applications easy.  Having the right strength and stiffness means no cracked drywall and no movement on tall "window" walls.

Deck Beams Deck Beams
These beams provide all the advantages of a glue lam beam such as strength to weight ratios, cutting and notching capabilities, and they are renewable; unlike steel.

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