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Tom Niska and Dale Schiferl, Timber Technologies
Tom Niska and Dale Schiferl

Timber Technologies, LLC is a manufacturer of quality structural timber products for post frame and pole barn construction. Our gluam or laminated beams, rafters, trusses, columns and decking make long lasting, cost effective, sustainable building materials. Our manufacturing plant is located in Colfax in west central Wisconsin. Timber Technologies started operations in 2003, and has been supplying builders with its glue laminated wood products since that time.

How Our Laminated, Engineered Wood Products Are Different

Timber Technologies "Titan Timbers" differentiate themselves from other products because of the advanced process used to bond the wood together. Some products used in post frame buildings include solid sawn timbers in the sidewalls and end walls. Others use a nail-laminated column made up of 3 or 4 plies of 2 x 6 or 2 x 8. Timber Technologies manufactures the most advanced structural column in the post frame industry.

Timber Tech's "Titan Timbers" are totally glue laminated on the face of each ply for a more complete bonding. Nail lams have adequate bonding only where there is a nail. The adhesive is a waterproof, permanent glue, called phenol resorcinol. The same glue that is used in bonding plywood. Once the two part glue is cured, Titan Timbers can't separate at the ply and the wood along that bond line will fail before the glue ever will! A glue laminated column is stronger, straighter, more dimensionally stable and lighter in weight than a solid sawn timber or a nail lam. Any nail laminated post will have ply separation in time because the shrinking and swelling of the wood will overcome the nail bond.

Engineering Wood Products For Strength and Performance

Timber Technologies uses #1 SYP treated lowers and 1650fb MSR in the upper, a solid sawn timber is only a #2 grade. So the higher grades of lumber give the Titan Timber a higher strength value. In addition, the portion of the column that goes in the ground is the only portion that needs to be treated. Timber Technologies finger joints and glues untreated uppers to mate with the treated bottoms for a lighter weight column that still has a higher strength value that traditional posts or nail-lams.

Printable Literature

Timber Technologies is working on providing electronic versions of our product brochures. Check out our Printable Literature page to see what's available.

Wholesale Distributors

Looking to find your nearest Timber Technologies distributor? Use our Wholesale Distributors Guide to contact your local supplier.

No matter what state you're in, we have a supplier that can serve you!

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