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Our Green Statement

Wood is the most environmentally friendly material used in construction today. Of all building materials including steel, concrete and plastic, wood uses less energy to produce into a viable construction product. Wood is also a recyclable, renewable and biodegradable resource. Timber Technologies uses lumber that comes from trees specifically grown for the purpose of lumber harvesting. Lumber also stores carbon much better than other construction materials. In fact, 27% more trees are planted each year than are harvested. That is truly renewable!

Old growth timber is diminishing. Wood fiber for construction is now coming from 2nd, 3rd, and 4th growth forest and even "plantations" that grow trees for cutting. Our wood fiber does not come from old growth forests. We utilize the faster growing wood species and smaller sized trees in our process of making bigger, stronger timber for construction.

How does Timber Technologies take being environmentally friendly a step further? Our state of the art finger jointing and glue laminating process utilizes smaller pieces of lumber combined with the most advanced adhesives to produce larger engineered timbers required in post frame structures. There may be 9 or more smaller pieces of lumber used to make a Titan TimberTM. Titan TimbersTM can be engineered for maximum utilization in the finished building. In other words you won't see a massive 12" x 12" timber being used when a glue laminated column 7" x 5.5" with higher design values will do the job.

Wholesale Distributors

Looking to find your nearest Timber Technologies distributor? Use our Wholesale Distributors Guide to contact your local supplier.

No matter what state you're in, we have a supplier that can serve you!

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Timber Technologies is working on providing electronic versions of our product brochures. Check out our Printable Literature page to see what's available.

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