The Timber Technologies Story

In 2000, Dale was working for a Structural Engineer in Sioux Falls South Dakota manufacturing glue laminated product.  Tom was employed with a Lumber Wholesaler in Minneapolis supplying Dale the lumber needed to supply the plant in Sioux Falls.  While being key employees in the organizations, they were able to recognize opportunities in the emerging market of post-frame building columns, specifically glue lam columns.  After working together for several years, they began discussions about a startup business to produce their own line of glue lam columns.  They were confident they had a better business model and the experience to make the dream reality.  The idea for Timber Technologies and Titan Timbers began to take shape.    

The first matter of business was to write a thorough business plan that would attract the attention of financial institutions and the Small Business Administration.  A key decision for the startup was to determine a logical location.  Considering many of the glue lam products were being shipped east into the states of Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota for post frame construction, they set their focus on Western Wisconsin.  Over the course of several months researching facilities near La Crosse, Wi, the two were determined to find an existing facility that would meet their needs.   They understood that their business had a higher chance of success if they could have access to rail for incoming materials and an Interstate system for outbound shipments giving them a competitive advantage.  

After several months of searching and planning, while Tom was touring facilities near Menomonie Wisconsin, he was shown a 12,000 square foot building owned by the Village of Colfax.   After determining the building was sufficient for operations, the proximity to a rail spur helped solidify Colfax as the future home of Timber Technologies.  Along the way, the two were introduced to business banking lender Clark Yolitz of First Bank and Trust.  With the help and support of Clark, First Bank, and the Dunn County Economic Development Corporation in Menomonie, WI, they were able to purchase the facility.

Operations began in March of 2003 with a vision to provide the highest quality laminated products to meet the demands of today's progressive builders. 

Some major milestones over 18 years include:

    • 2004 additional land purchased to the west
    • 2005 new outbuildings and yard expansion
    • 2007 a 12,000 sqft expansion with automated equipment
    • 2012 purchase of 10,000 sqft facility in Colfax
    • 2013 7500 sqft expansion with more automated equipment
    • 2015 additional property acquired to the west
    • 2019  22,000 sqft expansion 
    • 2020 automated material handling and picking system install

These investments into our plants efficiency and quality have helped us build one of the most State of the Art facilities in North America. 

With a focus on quality products and positive and passionate employees, we look towards the future and many more exciting challenges.