Engineered Wood Products

Timber Technologies manufactures engineered wood products including glulam beams, columns, and posts for pole barn and post frame. Browse our glue-laminated (glulam) wood products below and contact us with questions by calling 715-962-4242 or Toll-Free: 866-727-5625. 

Titan Timbers - Laminated Wood Columns

Titan Timbers are manufactured as a high-quality structural product for the construction of pole barns and similar freestanding structures.

  • Manufactured from #1 Southern Yellow Pine
  • Pressure Treated to .60CCA
  • Machine Stress Rated 1650fb SPF Uppers

Laminated (Glulam) Beams & Rafters

Glue Laminated Beams & Rafters from Timber Technologies are superior in all strength characteristics to solid sawn lumber. Use for rafters, ridge beams, stair stringers, and more!

  • Available in Industrial or Architectural grade
  • Lengths up to 62'
  • Available in various wood species

Titan Truss - Glulam Building Trusses

Perfect for entryways, dormers, and open cabin roof systems, Titan trusses offer the boldness of heavy glue lam cords and the elegance of flat black or gray gang plates.

  • Available in multiple wood species
  • Clear span up to 40'
  • Attractive & structural

Titan Wall - Tall Wall Columns

Make Titan Wall the logical choice for demanding tall wall design applications.
The Advantages of engineered wood:

  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Consistent quality
  • Product stability

Architectural Glulams

Laminated Treated Deck Beams provide all the advantages of a glue lam beam such as strength to weight ratios, cutting and notching capabilities, and they are renewable; unlike steel.

  • Insect & mold resistant
  • Maximum performance under extreme conditions
  • Cost-competitive with LVL's and Paralam