Helpful questions about Timber Technologies

General FAQ's

  • Q:
    Can I get other species besides SPF and SYP?

    a: Yes, we can make up beam and posts out of many different species if available.

  • Q:
    Do you have mechanical fasteners in your product?

    a: No, TITAN TIMBERS are a totally glue laminated product. There are NO mechanical fasteners in our product.

  • Q:
    Do you sell dimensional lumber, plywood, and OSB?

    a: No, we are a manufacturing operation and not a retail lumber yard.

  • Q:
    Do you sell to the general public?

    a: No, but we can put you in contact with our distributors. You can also reference our "Where to Buy" page for local retailers of Timber Technologies products.

  • Q:
    What does Rafter Ready mean?

    a: Rafter Ready is where we turn off the glue for the top 2 feet on one outside ply of our 3ply 2x6 or 2x8 column. This allows for easier cutting of the column when attaching the truss to the column. You can special order different lengths and number of ply's for Rafter Ready.

Treatment FAQ's

  • Q:
    Can I get full treated products? How about non-treated?

    a: Yes, we can do any increment of 2' of treatment above 6'. We can also make non treated and full treated columns.

  • Q:
    Is there other treatments besides CCA available?

    a: No, currently, CCA is the only treatment proven to be able to glue. We can offer some after glueing treatments such as Borate.

Stock and Custom Sizes FAQ's

  • Q:
    Do you make custom sized products?

    a: Yes, we can accommodate many different sizes and lengths.

  • Q:
    What sizes do you carry in inventory?

    a: We currently stock 2x6 3ply 6' min treat columns with lengths of 14' through 32', 2 x 6 4ply and 2x 8 3ply and 4ply 6' min treat columns with lengths of 20' through 34.'